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blog post in Network Direction Active vs Passive Cables I've recently been involved in some design work for upgrading some switching in a data centre, specifically in the Nexus Top-of-Rack range (the 9000 series in this case). While looking into the bes
Wiki ASIC's in Nexus Switches
Wiki Back-to-Back vPC
Wiki Cut Through Switching vs Store and Forward
blog post in Network Direction Dynamic Routing and FEX Dynamic Routing and Fabric Extenders The Problem {DIV( align="justify")} A few weeks ago I was working on a customer's network when I found an OSPF problem. For some reason, an ASA wouldn't pee
Wiki FabricPath
Wiki Hierarchy Design Part 1
Wiki Hierarchy Design Part 2
blog post in Network Direction How Twinax Cables Ruined My Day {DIV( align="justify")} The day actually started out pretty well. The weather was nice, I'd had my morning coffees, and I was expecting so
Wiki Intelligent Traffic Director
Wiki Nexus - Configuration Rollback
Wiki Nexus Features and Feature-Sets
Wiki VIRL Nexus Licensing
Wiki Virtual Port Channels
blog post in Network Direction vPC and LAG Convergence     vPC and LAG Convergence {DIV( align="justify")} Recently Cisco released NXOS 7.0(3)I7(1) for the Nexus 9000 series switches. This bring
Wiki vPC and Routing Protocols
Wiki vPC Object Tracking
Wiki vPC Plus
Wiki vPC Self-Isolation
Wiki vPC with HSRP, VRRP