ENCOR #1 – Forwarding

What’s the Difference Between the CAM and TCAM?

What is CAM and TCAM? In what ways are they different?

In this video, you will find a simple explanation of the differences between Content Addressable Memory and Ternary Content Addressable Memory, as well as an understanding of why switches and routers use them.

Centralised Forwarding and Distributed Forwarding

What are the differences between Centralised Forwarding and Distributed Forwarding? How do they work?

What is CEF Punting?

CEF is great for forwarding traffic, but sometimes packets need to be punted to the CPU.

Why does this happen? What’s the impact of this?

What are the main components of CEF?

Which components go into making CEF work? How does CEF use them?

CEF Load Balancing

CEF can load balance packets across different paths. But not all load balancing methods are created equal…

What is the difference between an ASIC and NPU?

ASICs have been around for a while, and help to make very fast forwarding decisions. But what are NPUs used for? How are they an improvement on ASICs?