Cisco CCNA



Chapter 1 - Introduction Welcome to the start of the CCNA training series! We’re going to take the network fundamentals that you already know, and build on them to take you to the next level. If you don’t have the fundamentals yet, don’t worry, we have a series on that too.   In section 1...

CCNA Interfaces

Chapter 1 - Introduction It’s not enough to simply configure a few VLANs on a switch and think you’re done. You also have to know how to connect devices to your switch, and for that matter, how to connect switches to other switches.   So this time we’re looking at interfaces. This includes types of...

CCNA Spanning Tree

Chapter 1 - Introduction It’s not a real big secret that networks don’t like loops. If loops aren’t handled properly, traffic can travel around your network indefinitely, consuming resources.   At layer-3, loop handling is built in. That’s the TTL value in the IP header.   Layer-2 on the other hand, is not so lucky....

CCNA Rapid Spanning Tree

Chapter 1 - Introduction The original spanning-tree protocol was developed way back in the mid-1980’s by Radia Perlman. This is well before switches, as we know them today, even existed.   What you’re seeing here is the original paper published in 1985, outlining how spanning-tree works.   And it worked well for its time. But...


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