Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) is a networking simulator, and the preferred option for Cisco labs on this site.

Unlike other emulation options (like eveNG, Packet Traces, and GNS3), CML comes with switch and router software images, as well as various server nodes.

CML 2.1 can be deployed as a Virtual Machine, or as bare-metal.



CML Installation Guide

Create a Lab

Breakout Tool

Export a Lab

Import a Lab



Below are the minimum requirements to run CML. Of course, more is better, as larger simulations require more resources.

  • 4 core CPU
  • 8GB of memory
  • 32GB HDD
  • CPU virtualization (VTx/EPT or AMDv/RVI)



CML is not free, it comes with a US$199 per year price tag. There are four versions available:

  • CML Education – Available on request from Cisco only
  • CML Personal – 20 concurrent nodes
  • CML Personal Plus – 40 concurrent nodes
  • Enterprise – For businesses

CML Personal edition is the most popular. You can get it from the Cisco Learning Networks Store.


Additional Resources

Quick Start Guide

User Guide

Admin Guide