Introduction to Juniper Transcripts

Introduction to Juniper – The Transcripts

If you’ve been watching the videos in the Introduction to Juniper series, you might like to see the transcripts of the audio, as listed below.

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Introduction to Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Series Introduction

Transcript - Series Introduction    Series Introduction You may have found yourself in the same situation as I was in a year ago. I’m familiar with Cisco equipment, but I suddenly found myself needing to support Juniper devices. While the core networking principles are the same, the configuration and troubleshooting methods are sometimes quite...

CLI Introduction

Transcript - CLI Introduction  Quiz Page: Lab Page: Introduction Welcome to video 2 of our Introduction to Juniper series. We’re going to look at the basics of the Juniper CLI, as well as the configuration hierarchy. CLI Modes Juniper devices run the Junos operating system. Junos can be configured through the CLI or the...

VLANs and Interfaces

Transcript - VLANs and Interfaces    Quiz Page: Lab Page:   Introduction There’s no point having a network device without interfaces. In this video, we’re going to take a look at both physical and virtual interfaces.   Interface Types Firstly, if we want to see a list of our interfaces, use show interfaces terse....


Transcript - DHCP    Quiz Page: Lab Page:   Introduction DHCP is essential in most networks. We might have a dedicated DHCP server at a large office, but smaller offices can benefit from DHCP running on a local router or switch. And that’s exactly what we’re looking at here. Running a DHCP server or...