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  1. 1.crossover, using copper cable
    2.Rj45 CAT6

  2. keep going

  3. Very good way of explaining. Amazing videos.

  4. What is the answer for the part 2?

  5. so far, you doing a GOOD JOB! ……. ( keep like that!)
    plz, make more videos in detail on networking and subnetting for starters
    (………… will be highly appreciated)

  6. Interviewed for a datacenter position for Microsoft and it was heavy on cabling (esp. fibre), server parts, networking devices and their types, datacenter components (i.e. patch panels) . Please provide videos in a context where it prepares us to succeed in interviews for positions such as these. From my experience so far certs give you a plethora of knowledge but they’re run short when it comes to specifying applicable real world experiences. We need information that will help us pass interviews and segue into Networking occupations like Datacenter technician, network technician, NOC technician. We need specific illustrations of all these components and their real-world applications. These exams cover too much obsolete info that isn’t even asked for the entry level positions. I’m CCNA certified and I can attest to this. Rant over.

  7. Super One

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