JunOS: Cleanup Storage Space

JunOS: Cleanup Storage Space

Sometimes you will want to install a switch or router update, and you will find that there is not enough space:

root@Switch01> request system software add /var/tmp/ex-2300-18.3R1.9.tgz reboot
ERROR: estimate of space required: 115 Mbytes, available: 89 Mbytes


One option is to request a ‘cleanup’. The dry-run option below lists the files that are candidates to be removed. If you’re happy with the list, run the command again without ‘dry-run’ to do the actual cleanup.

root@Switch01> request system storage cleanup dry-run

List of files to delete:

         Size Date         Name
     6B Jan  1 13:07 /var/jail/tmp/alarmd.ts
  7416B Jan  1 14:01 /var/log/interactive-commands.0.gz
  25.1K Jan  1 14:01 /var/log/messages.0.gz
    27B Jan  1 10:03 /var/log/wtmp.0.gz
    27B Jan  1 10:06 /var/log/wtmp.1.gz
    45B Jan  1 10:05 /var/preserve/jdhcp_client_data
    45B Jan  1 10:05 /var/preserve/jdhcp_client_data_bkp
    50B Jan  1 10:36 /var/tmp/bcast.bdisp.log
    73B Jan  1 10:36 /var/tmp/bcast.disp.log
    57B Jan  1 10:36 /var/tmp/bcast.rstdisp.log
    64B Jan  1 10:36 /var/tmp/bcast.undisp.log
 321.4M Jan  1 13:44 /var/tmp/ex-2300-18.3R1.9.tgz
  4740B Jan  1 10:04 /var/tmp/ex_autod_config
  3701B Jan  1 10:03 /var/tmp/ex_autod_rollback_cfg
6298.8K Jan  1 13:44 /var/tmp/jweb-ex-app-x86-32-18.3A1.tgz
    57B Jan  1 10:03 /var/tmp/krt_rpf_filter.txt
    72B Jan  1 13:53 /var/tmp/package.log
    42B Jan  1 10:05 /var/tmp/pfe_debug_commands
     0B Jan  1 10:06 /var/tmp/pkg_cleanup.log.err
     0B Jan  1 10:03 /var/tmp/rtsdb/if-rtsdb
     0B Jan  1 10:04 /var/tmp/stable


WARNING: This cleanup cleans out the /var/tmp directory, which may contain the image that you’re trying to install.


Cleaning up Packages

Sometimes a regular cleanup will not free up enough space, especially after the system has been updated.

In this case, we can look at cleaning up unused packages:

User@Switch01> start shell user root
root@Switch01:RE:0% pkg setop rm previous
root@Switch01:RE:0% pkg delete old


If you run df -h before and after these commands, you can see how much was cleaned up.


Further Cleanup

If you still don’t have enough space, it’s time to look for bigger files:

User@Switch01> start shell user root
root@Switch01:RE:0% find / -size +100000


In the case above, we found three large files. If you know what you’re doing, you can delete some of these files.

If you’re not sure, contact J-TAC for assistance.

root@AWABA-NET-SW-AM01:RE:0% cli
User@Switch01> file delete /packages/db/junos-runtime-arm-32-20180920.185504_builder_junos_183_r1/contents/contents.izo



Juniper – Disk Space Management for Junos OS Installation


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