Telnet to Console Missing in VIRL

Telnet to Console Port Missing in VIRL

The Problem

Some time ago, I needed a fresh deployment of VIRL 1.3, including a fresh install of VMMaestro (after installing the 1.2 client). This led to an issue where I couldn’t ‘telnet to console’ on any devices in the topology.

While it was deploying, there were issues with getting the IP addresses right. The IP’s just wouldn’t stick. This initially caused SALT issues, but when the IP address was fixed, those issues went away.

Even so, there were still more problems. When opening a topology, the telnet to console option was completely missing.

Telnet to console missing in VMMaestro


The Solution

It’s a bit of an odd fix, but here’s how it’s done:

  1. Stop all running simulations
  2. Close VMMaestro
  3. Log in to the console of the VIRL VM
  4. Run the command:

sudo salt-call -l debug state.sls openstack.nova

At this point, services will restart. So, keep in mind it’s disruptive.

After about 5 minutes, the services will have started again, and you will be told that everything was successful.



When you start a simulation now, you will see that the ‘telnet to console’ option is available.

If you did follow the instructions quite right, you may get a connection refused error. This will happen if you didn’t stop the simulation first.

To fix this, shut the simulation down, start it up again, and all is good.

Telnet to console has now been restored





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