VIRL: The Server May Be Down

VIRL: The Server May Be Down

The Problem

When opening VMMaestro, you may get the error OpenStack admin user or services are not available


When you connect to UWM, you get an error like Failed to load system status: resource not available. The server may be down.


Checking the health of the server may result in the error STD simengine-health request received invalid response: 503 – OpenStack admin user or services are not available.


It’s also possible that the UWM web page will not load at all.




For me, this problem happened when VIRL was restarted after being freshly installed. I was able to ping VIRL, but could not browse to UWM.

When I connected to the console of VIRL, I ran service –status-all and found that several services were stopped.



A simple solution would be to gracefully restart the VIRL server. Always try to restart gracefully, as VIRL doesn’t handle unexpected restarts well.

If you want an alternative, you can try starting or restarting services.

If you can’t open UWM, check that the apache2 service has been started.

There are many other services VIRL needs, as shown in the list below. Make sure they’re all started too.


VIRL Services

  • neutron-dhcp-agent
  • neutron-l3-agent
  • neutron-linuxbridge-agent
  • neutron-linuxbridge-cleanup
  • neutron-metadata-agent
  • neutron-server
  • nova-api
  • nova-cert
  • nova-compute
  • nova-conductor
  • nova-consoleauth
  • nova-novncproxy
  • nova-scheduler
  • nova-serialproxy
  • salt-master
  • salt-minion
  • keystone
  • rabbitmq-server


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