Configuration Rollback

Configuration Rollback




It can sometimes be risky making changes, as mistakes can kick us out of the device. If we use commit confirmed, we can automatically roll back if we don’t confirm the changes.

Changes are confirmed by running another commit.

The default time before rollback is 10 minutes, but this can be changed on a case-by-case basis.

When changes are committed, a backup of the previous active config is placed in /config. The most recent backup is juniper.conf.gz.

Older backups are incremented from there. For example, juniper.conf.1.gz.

/config is on fast storage. A maximum of five backups are kept there. As they’re shuffled down, the oldest backups are moved to /var/db/config (or /config/db/config). This is slower storage, and can contain an additional 45 backups.

From configuration mode, we can roll back to any of these backups. Rollbacks go into the candidate config. Once this is done we still need to commit.

If we want, we can compare the candidate to the active config, to see the changes.

Command Summary

Command Mode Description
commit confirmed Configuration Commit changes, but roll back if the changes aren’t confirmed
rollback Configuration Rolls back to a backup config (in configuration mode)
show | compare rollback Configuration Compares the current candidate to a backup (rollback point)
save Either Saves content to disk
file list Operational show files in a directory
file show Operational Show the contents of a file
file compare files FILE1 FILE2 Operational Compare the contents of two files

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