Route Preference

Route Preference






Route preference is a value assigned to routing information sources. The more preferred a routing source is, the lower the route preference value is.

This is the same thing as ‘Administrative Distance’, although each vendor uses different values.

If a route is learned from two sources (for example, from OSPF and from a static route), then the route with the lowest route preference will be active.


A static route can be configured with a qualified next hop. This is where a non-standard route preference is assigned.

This is like a floating static route; Where a static route is configured, but not active unless there’s some sort of failure.



Command Summary

Command Mode Description
set routing-options static route NETWORK qualified-next-hop IP preference VALUE Configuration Configure a qualified next hop
set routing-options static defaults metric Configuration Set the default metric for a static route
set routing-options static defaults preference Configuration Set the default route preference for a static route


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