Generating Python Code from Postman

Postman is very useful for (among other things) testing out APIs. It’s simple to just put details in a GUI and go from there.

But eventually, you’re probably want to access your APIs from Python (or some other language). Fortunately, there’s a trick to make this simpler.

The first step is to setup your request the way you want it. That means the type (eg, GET), the URL, headers, body, authorization, and whatever else you need.

Postman window

Over on the far right of the screen there’s a toolbar with a Code Snippet button (</>).

Once you click that, you can select the language that you want. There are two Python options available.

I use Python Requests, as I use the requests module to access APIs.

Then all you need to do is copy the code into a Python file and add whatever customization you need!

One thing I’ll warn you about though is the URL. Postman doesn’t add http:// or https:// to the URL, which means Python will throw a No Scheme Supplied error.

postman python code snippet button
postman python code snippet

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